New Jersey PHCC's E-Learning Apprentice Program

The eLearning courses offer enhanced course quality and give students fast feedback on their performance.

Course Enrollment is approved by the students County
Apprenticeship Coordinator. Before enrolling in the program students must get approval from their County Apprenticeship Coordinator. Students must contact their coordinator and ask for approval to start the enrollment process. If approved the Coordinator will send a letter or email to the NJPHCC stating the student is approved and may begin enrollment. Once the enrollment application is filled out and tuition is paid, the student will be able to begin classes immediately. Students may only take (1) apprentice year per calendar year. This course cannot be fast tracked.

The NJPHCC e.learning Apprentice Program administers the courses from the PHCC headquarters office in Falls Church, Virginia. PHCC staff will provide a monthly report to the NJPHCC Program to allow officials to monitor enrollment and the progress of registered apprentices.

On-the-job training (OJT) remains the responsibility of the employer and the apprentice. The PHCC Educational Foundation takes no role in this aspect of the program. The state apprenticeship agency typically specifies OJT reporting requirements that employers and apprentices must follow.
The Employer and student are responsible for registering the apprentice into the Department of Labor data base.

The NJPHCC e.learning Apprentice Program does not issue apprenticeship cards.